Get certified in Chicago: Individual Directions Inventory

MRG's Individual Directions Inventory (IDI) captures the deep motivations that bring individuals satisfaction in work and life.

Thursday, May 18 | 9am-5pm | 311 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago

The Individual Directions Inventory™ (IDI) is designed to measure an individual’s attraction toward specific situations and behaviors based on the types of emotional experiences the person is drawn to. The IDI provides feedback on 17 variables in 6 categories: Affiliating, Attracting, Perceiving, Mastering, Challenging and Maintaining. It is invaluable in understanding the links between a person’s motivation and their leadership behavior when paired with MRG’s Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ instrument.

The IDI Certification is designed to provide psychologists, experienced consultants and executive coaches with a detailed understanding of the IDI assessment instrument and its appropriate use in career and personal counseling. Attend this workshop to become grounded in the variables measured in the IDI and to learn how to utilize this information to help individuals and teams reach their highest potential. 

Objectives include:

  • Understanding the technical and psychometric underpinnings of the instruments
  • Practice providing detailed interpretation and analysis of assessment results
  • Coaching suggestions and strategies for working with individuals and within groups
  • Understanding the relevance of the IDI assessment in the process of coaching individuals in business settings
  • Review of report and resource options, including standard Development, Candidate, and Coaching reports

The Individual Directions Inventory (IDI) Certification Workshop includes many valuable benefits for each participant:

  • Your own Individual Directions Inventory assessment and report
  • A free IDI assessment and report for a “practice client” *
  • Access to the MRG Education Center for tutorials, interactive exercises, and other pre-work and homework materials
  • IDI Facilitator Manual
  • IDI Technical Considerations Report
  • Sample reportsand resources including the following:
    • Individual Directions Inventory (IDI) Report
    • LEA/IDI Candidate and Coaching Reports (incorporating MRG’s Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™  assessment)
  • Account setup on MRG’s Quest assessment management system
  • Access to MRG’s Resource Center, providing access to best practice reports, white papers, product information, featured presentations and marketing materials
  • Participation in MRG’s Discussion Forum, where MRG Network members debate questions, share ideas, and provide professional support to each other.
  • Invitations to MRG’s exclusive Network-only webinars on topics such as Motivation and Leadership, Gender and Generational Differences in Leadership, and Leading Across Cultures.

Cost:  $1,050 / €1,050

We can also customize certification options to meet your special needs. Contact us with questions: