Get certified: Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA 360) Full Suite

Tuesdays, September 8-29 and October 6 | 10:00am - 12:00pm EST  (or Find Your Time Zone)

Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA) certification enables the use of powerful tools for individual and organizational development.

Attend this workshop to be certified in MRG's landmark leadership development tool, the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360™ (LEA 360™) assessment, and its complementary assessments: LEA Strategic Directions™, LEA Role Expectations™, and LEA Leadership Culture™.

The LEA 360™ certification will ground participants in the 22 independent leadership practices measured by the LEA suite of tools and will prepare participants to deliver feedback in individual, organizational, and group settings.

At the end of this certification, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe what the LEA is measuring and is not measuring
  • Clearly define each of the 22 dimensions of the LEA
  • Explain appropriate uses of the LEA
  • Describe the questionnaire design and its advantages
  • Identify norms, how to choose them, and why they are important
  • Provide a basic interpretation of a full LEA profile
  • Identify common combinations of LEA variables and their implications
  • Explain what an LEA composite is and its use with a group or team
  • Identify the 3 standard observer groups and how they are normed
  • Explain the Strategic Directions process and its use
  • Describe the Role Expectations process and its use
  • Identify the Leadership Culture process and its use

In addition, this interactive certification allows learners to:

  • Practice providing detailed interpretation and analysis of assessment results
  • Receive coaching suggestions and strategies for working with individuals and within groups
  • Understand LEA report and resource options, including standard Development reports, Candidate and Coaching reports, and Leadership Impact report

The LEA 360™ Full Suite certification includes many valuable benefits for each participant:

  • Your own LEA 360™ assessment and Development and Leadership Impact reports
  • free LEA 360™ assessment and report for a “practice client(terms and conditions apply)
  • Access to the MRG Education Center for tutorials, interactive exercises, and other pre-work and homework materials
  • The LEA Reference Manual, Participant Workbook, and Technical Considerations Manual
  • Sample reports and resources including the following:
    • LEA 360™ Development Report including customized anchored-rating and open-ended questions
    • LEA Resource Guide
    • Leadership Impact Report
    • LEA Candidate Report
    • LEA and LEA 360™ Coaching Reports
    • Strategic Directions Resource Guide
    • Strategic Leadership Practices module sample on Communication
  • Account setup on MRG's Quest assessment management system
  • Access to MRG's Knowledge Base, with best practice reports, white papers, product information, featured presentations and marketing materials

Cost: $2,100 / €2,100

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