Webinar | Keeping Leaders on Track: Recognize the 3 Leadership Styles that Lead to Derailment

As an experienced coach, you can likely recall the derailed leaders you’ve encountered over the course of their career. The stories are diverse, but they have one thing in common: they started out wanting to be good leaders.

No one ascends to a leadership role hoping to fail; everyone thinks that their tactics, no matter how misguided or misaligned with the organization culture, are providing value. So how do so many leaders get so far off the track without someone recognizing the problem and resetting the course?

If you are focused on the right behavioral queues, you can spot derailing leaders before his or her colleagues do – and long before the leaders themselves.

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn to recognize three of most common profiles of derailing leaders, derived from decades of MRG research on leaders across North America:

  • My Way or the Highway: recognize when a proactive, take-charge starts to put his or her own needs above the team’s
  • It’s All About the Rules: spot the turning point when an effective team player becomes overly reliant on procedure and afraid of innovation
  • Not Really Thinking: identify the leader whose gregarious behavior becomes a crutch to help them avoid strategic thinking and problem-solving

Join Tricia Naddaff, MRG President, to get to know the common traits of these derailing leaders, and the strategies to help you get them back on track for successful leadership.