Webinar | Motivation, Bias & Team Dynamics: Fostering Self-Awareness to Create a Collaborative Culture

Self-awareness is essential to individual success, but it’s also critical to healthy team dynamics.

While most individuals believe themselves to be capable of true objectivity, each of us harbors subconscious biases that influence our perspective on the world.

That perspective influences our behaviors, and the response of others to those behaviors further justifies and ingrains our biases. This cycle threatens objectivity, and ultimately harms interpersonal relationships at work and beyond.

So how do we help leaders control for biases that are deep below the surface? By being alert to potential biases and exploring them with our clients, we can inspire self-awareness and foster the objectivity required to restore a positive team dynamic.

This 60-minute webinar will illuminate 5 types of bias that lead to unintentionally harmful behaviors that can derail an otherwise positive team dynamic, including:

  • Mindset effects: a different perspective on the world can shade how we behave toward others
  • Interpretive bias: neutral behavior can be misinterpreted based on a subconscious bias
  • Estimation errors: calibrating the comfort level of others based on our own levels
  • Attribution errors: assigning an erroneous motive to actions and behaviors that are otherwise neutral
  • Assumption-based thinking: believing that our personal motivators must apply to others as well

Join MRG’s David Ringwood to obtain strategies for identifying these biases, understanding their potential to harm team dynamics, and coaching leaders to develop the self-awareness they need to control for them.