Webinar | Preparing for the Millennial Era: a Data-Driven Look at What Motivates the Next Generation

The conversation around Millennials in the workplace has been so prolonged that it is tempting to dismiss it as overhyped and not worth more exploration. After all, how different can these generations really be?

Very different, according to exclusive empirical research from MRG. The motivations of the generation known as Millennials (b. 1977-1990) are profoundly different than those who have come before. What’s more, Generation Z (b. after 1991) looks to be exhibiting the same patterns to further extremes. So there’s no going back – the behaviors and motivations you see in young leaders today will continue to influence and fundamentally change your workplace for years to come.

To be ready for this shift, you need to move beyond anecdotal observations and dive deep into the empirical data that indicates what motivates Millennials, Generation Z, and beyond.

In this 60-minute session, you’ll get access to the exclusive and often surprising findings that MRG has collected from thousands in the Millennial and Z generations, and gain the understanding you need to prepare for their influence, including:

  • Managing differing expectations for advancement
  • Supporting an unprecedented sense of immediacy and need for knowledge
  • Overcoming assumptions about younger leaders (hint: innovation may not come as easily as you think)
  • Understanding the practical implications of these new trends on an organization’s culture

Join MRG’s David Ringwood for an exploration of the surprising data surrounding the generations currently on the path to leadership.