Webinar | The Science of Satisfaction: the Data around Personal and Professional Fulfillment

The personal and professional spheres of our lives are interconnected in countless ways. To position leaders for success, we must help them find satisfaction in all aspects of their lives and support them as they establish healthy balance in their lives – personally, professionally, mentally, and socially.

Satisfaction may appear to be highly subjective, but new MRG data reveals patterns in the way highly satisfied individuals approach the world. By discovering where satisfied (and dissatisfied) individuals focus their energy, we can uncover and address the root causes of deep dissatisfaction – which, whether it’s personal, professional, or both, can be a barrier to growth.

This webinar will provide you with research-based insights that will help you:

  • Uncover the underlying causes of career dissatisfaction
  • Find the balance that fosters success
  • Refocus derailing leaders using a holistic approach
  • Help guide people to make career choices that align with their energy needs

Join Dr. Maria Brown, PhD, MRG’s Head of Research, and Tricia Naddaff, MRG President, to discover revealing new data and surprising insights about the science of satisfaction.