Webinar | The Relevance of Emotional Intelligence: Finding the Motivation behind EQ

When the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) rose to prominence, assessing it had an irresistible appeal. And while many continue to find it valuable, many coaches have found that there are some limitations.

The EQ can reveal interesting individual characteristics – but how does motivation relate to these characteristics? And how does a coach take these very personal insights and use them effectively to support and guide teams?

When traditional EQ assessments are paired with an assessment that reveals deeper motivations, a more complete profile of the individual is revealed. Motivational assessments also help uncover underlying tensions and conflicts, which often give rise to some of the observations measured using EQ tools.

In this one-hour session, MRG’s David Ringwood will explore the benefits of pairing an EQ assessment with MRG’s Individual Directions Inventory (IDI). Topics include:

  • Applying EQ learnings to more effectively influence behavior
  • Tackling the challenge of transitioning from individual conversations to team interventions
  • Thinking about EQ and motivation in the context of team dynamics
  • Expanding the options available to you as a coach or facilitator