Learn everything you need to know to start putting the IDI Team Development Report to work for you.

Since it launched earlier this year, the new IDI Team Development Report has been generating excitement in the coaching and development community. Far more than a simple composite of IDI scores, this thorough report provides a robust foundation on which to base new engagements, or a flexible supplement to an established framework.

Now, MRG invites you to a special training session to give you an in-depth understanding of this new report and to prepare you to use this powerful tool in your work with teams.

In this highly focused 90-minute session, we cover:

  • Running your session: recommended agendas and an overview of the facilitator materials available to you
  • The IDI Team themes: strategies for selecting them and understanding how the variables relate to each theme
  • Interpretation: understanding and explaining a team’s diverse data
  • Team and individual insights: learning how to balance them and when to integrate the individual
  • Understanding biases: exploring potential biases with sensitivity
  • Action planning: creating effective next steps for individuals and teams
  • Methodologies: using this report alongside other methodologies or with the IDI alone

Attend this training and be ready to start using the IDI Team Development Report as a springboard for future engagements.

This session is geared towardindividuals who are certified in or otherwise familiar with the Individual Directions InventoryTM. If you are new to the IDI, please get in touch with our client services team so we can introduce you to this powerful tool.