Introducing a tool that could transform the way you develop teams.

The release of the IDI Team Development Report has many in the coaching, consulting, and talent development industry talking about its transformative impact on how people work together.

In this session, we will take a closer look at this groundbreaking solution for teams. Join us to see:

  • The brand-new IDI Team Development Report: see for yourself how this tool presents group data and actionable insights in illuminating new ways
  • A fully supported solution: take a look at the built-in tools that make this report uniquely engagement-ready and easy to deliver in a group setting
  • The approach in action: hear a first-hand account from consultant Anne DeFrancesco, who used the new IDI Team Development Report in a successful engagement with leaders at a U.S. retail giant

Whether you have an established practice in team coaching and development or you are exploring adding this type of work to your repertoire, this webinar will introduce you to a tool that can help enhance your work and support you in building healthier, happier, more productive teams.