No matter the size, industry, or purpose of an organization, effective teamwork is a key component of success.

Teams today are more diverse than ever, with individuals of different generations, backgrounds, and mindsets coming together to meet constantly increasing demands for productivity, creativity, and collaboration. In most cases, people want to succeed, and want to contribute to the success of the organization and of their colleagues. So why is internal conflict so prevalent, and such a barrier to positive collaboration and trust?

One cause of the continuous conflict: when individuals try to resolve problems, they address each other’s behaviors – the things they can observe on a surface level. To develop more effective teams, we must help people understand each other’s motivations – the hidden drivers beneath the surface that give us energy (or drain us of it).

Each individual has a unique motivational DNA that not only drives their own behavior, but also shapes how they interpret the actions of others. Revealing these motivations and developing a team-wide understanding of how these motivations align or mutual understanding of them can be a catalyst for transformational team development.

Download this 60-minute webinar in which we explore how to:            

  • Separate ‘what’ from ‘why’: understand the difference between behavior and motivation
  • Measure motivation: explore a tool that goes beneath the surface to uncover hidden drivers
  • Harness the power of a common language: develop a supportive, value-neutral vocabulary for talking about motivation
  • Foster awareness and acceptance: create a deep level of self-awareness and a culture that stops rating people as good or bad - and starts celebrating them as different

Invest an hour to discover powerful new strategies to develop healthier, happier, more productive teams.