Case Study |  Humanitarian Leadership Project

Developing One Global Workforce of Humanitarian Leaders.

In 2012 the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) embarked on a remarkable Learning and
Development initiative designed to build the next generation of leadership within the organisation in service of their unique humanitarian mission. Bringing together the best of existing leadership practices coupled with a comprehensive development journey derived from two doctoral theses, the development of the Humanitarian Leadership and Management School (HLMS)

The HLMS program brought together the best in L&D practice  and the engagement of an expert pool of executive coaches to support participants as they navigated the HLMS journey. Many parties contributed to the success and growth of the program, but the main partnership was between the ICRC and Management Research Group (MRG), who provided the psychometric tools, the experienced group of multilingual coaches, substantial research capabilities, and many years of experience in supporting such initiatives.

Learn more about how the HLMS program has exceeded organisational expectations and continues to evolve as a core success factor in the ICRC’s enormous transformational journey – building the leaders and
managers of tomorrow in alignment with changing organisational needs and expectations.