Whitepaper | Stepping Up: the Behaviors Leaders Need to Increase (and Decrease) as they Climb the Ranks

Development isn't one-size-fits-all. 

The behaviors leaders need to succeed change as they ascend to new positions.

Leadership development as a one-time investment is shortsighted, and it could leave organizations without the leadership skills they need. This whitepaper explores exclusive new research from MRG that demonstrates the critical distinctions in the behaviors associated with good leadership from level to level. See how:

  • You can't just do more of the same: effective leadership changes as individuals progress from individual contributor to first-line manager, middle manager, and senior manager
  • The direction of emphasis on behaviors could also change: some behaviors require an increase at one transition, then a decrease at the next
  • Successive levels require greater and greater leaps: the higher a leader climbs within an organization, the larger the behavioral leaps they will need to make