Each individual you coach has a unique motivational patternThat pattern plays an influential role in their decisions, expectations, behaviors, and feelings. Understand the pattern and you’ll have clarity on which factors in their life energize them, and which factors drain or even repel them.

With this motivational clarity, you can see the world through the lens of your coachee, understanding what it’s like to live in their skin. The result? Stronger coaching relationships and transformational self-awareness.

Let’s take a deeper look at motivation, a critical – but often overlooked – piece of the coaching puzzle. In this webinar we explore:

  • What motivation is and isn’t, and why the distinction is critical
  • How motivation reveals potential sources of bias that may be shaping the way your coachee perceives their world
  • Practical strategies for helping your coachee challenge their internal narrative and act with more intention
  • Specific, actionable models for incorporating motivation into coaching, learning, and development