Many organizations have learned that recognizing their people as human – not as numbers or labels – is the key to retention, engagement, satisfaction, and success. As the world navigates new ways of working, where do assessments fit in? The right tools, in the hands of a thoughtful practitioner, can help reduce conformity, expand self-awareness, build trust, and lay a foundation for meaningful development. Learning how to select the right assessments and when to introduce them can help you unlock deeper coaching relationships.

With this presentation learn more about:

  • What you and your clients should expect from your assessments and assessment provider (hint: it’s a lot)
  • Mitigating the risks and dodging the pitfalls of assessments in coaching
  • How selecting your assessment tool and framing it for your client can maximize the impact of your coaching
  • A step-by-step case study demonstrating how to leverage assessments to coach a mid-level leader to success in the c-suite