Introducing an innovative system to support leaders on their developmental journey.

People are buzzing about Momentum, the new cloud-based system that supports leaders in making measurable progress toward their developmental goals.

Learn how this tool can increase the effectiveness and success of any leader’s development efforts during this live demonstration.

See how Momentum empowers leaders to:

  • Create relevant action plans connecting their personal goals to their LEA 360™ data
  • Send fast and focused pulse surveys to get timely feedback on their progress
  • Reflect on their journey with a built-in journal
  • Share their plan, pulse survey results, or journals with those supporting them in their efforts

See how you can use Momentum to enhance the power of your work as a practitioner by:

  • Giving you customization options that fit your unique approach
  • Monitoring your clients’ engagement to ensure they are staying accountable to their plan
  • Demonstrating the impact of your engagements with roll-up data for every organization you serve

Join us to learn how this innovative tool can transform the way you work with leaders.