With tens of thousands of individuals in the MRG assessment database, we can uncover unique insights and trends in the world of leadership. Join us for a fast-paced session with MRG’s President Tricia Naddaff and Head of Research Maria Brown to look at what the data tell us about some of the hottest topics in the leadership and development world, including:

  • The role of race in multi-rater assessments: we will use data from the LEA to explore the relationship between self and observer ratings based on the race and ethnicity of both the leader and the observers.
  • The pandemic effect: we will compare recent assessment data to prior time periods to determine what impact, if any, the pandemic has had on LEA and IDI scores.
  • The Key Three: we’ll take a closer look at the three behaviors that correlate with effectiveness across many different contexts – plus, how to incorporate this knowledge in your coaching
  • Assessment updates: we’ll talk about the new LEA research questions, updates to the LEA Impact Report, and new topic-specific questions you’ll be able to add to your LEA questionnaires.