Over the past two decades, leadership has fundamentally shifted. Rising expectations - from the c-suite at the top, and from direct reports below – along with organizational complexities - have led to a dramatic spike in the demands placed on leaders. In many organizations, it seems the only way to lead successfully is to be a Renaissance Leader; but being asked to “do it all” is unfair and untenable.

Embracing a model of shared leadership can help alleviate these demands while allowing leaders to focus on the areas of leadership where they find joy, and where they excel. With a dedicated effort to increase mutual understanding, teams can share responsibilities and work more effectively together. New research and tools can support this critical work.

In this one-hour webinar, we:
• Describe the growing expectations of leaders
• Banish the myth of the do-it-all leader
• Introduce the concept and methodologies of shared leadership
• Demonstrate how leadership assessment can aid in deploying shared leadership techniques