On-Demand Webinar | Success at Every Level: HiPo Development Strategies for Accelerated Succession Planning

A recent survey of global HR executives revealed that nearly half of companies identified leadership as the hardest skill to find in employees. Yet as baby boomers retire, leaving vacancies in key leadership positions, many organizations haven’t developed a sustainable strategy for succession planning.

Effective succession planning begins with identifying and developing high potential leaders early and effectively. But how do you recognize the people who are prepared to make high-value, long-term contributions to your organization? And how do you develop leaders who don’t just thrive in the roles they have now, but are prepared to tackle the challenges in roles that could be years away?

With insights drawn from the latest research, it is possible to create and implement an effective strategy for HiPo development and succession planning. Not only that, the right data will help you develop a deeper talent pool, giving your organization more choices when critical roles open up.

  • Reduce Subjectivity with Science: why relying on impressions alone can leave strong leaders behind – and leave your organization at risk
  • High Potentials vs. High Performers: understanding the difference, recognizing the overlap, and the secrets to effective development of both
  • Playing the Long Game: why your organization needs a development plan that recognizes how the definition of effectiveness varies throughout a leader’s career
  • Recognizing HiPos at Risk: knowing the common derailers for high potentials can help you avoid burnout, turnover, and rocky transitions

It’s not uncommon to face roadblocks when tackling smart succession planning. But with research-based insights and a development plan that’s build for long-term growth, you can prepare your organization for the future, and retain your top talent in the process.